Thursday, November 10, 2011


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Rhino, everybody knows
You got one tail, four feet, twelve toes
Mr Rhino, look what grows,
Two big horns on the tip of your nose

Now you got three friends, Mr Rhinoceros
Elephant, buffalo and hippopotamus
You got two bad eyes, but you’re not deaf
And in Africa and Asia there’s not many of you left

Mr Rhino, everybody knows…

Five, six seven makes a herd
And on your back rides a white tick bird
Eight nine ten you weigh a ton
But you’re fast as a zebra when you’re on the run

Mr Rhino, everybody knows…

Brambles and nettles you love to crunch
With your many many teeth you munch and munch
You’re the one and only, but sure as you’re born
Bigger and better than a unicorn

Mr Rhino, everybody knows…
I said two big horns on the tip of your nose.

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