Saturday, June 8, 2013


Today is a great day! Celebrate the world ocean day with me exploring these videos

Click below to read the song lyrics
You and I should take a little trip together
Down the coast where the underwater forest grows
Every river will eventually end up flowing down into the sea
It's our ocean and it's time we get to know it

Shoot on over to the deepest trench
Darkened caverns where only three people've ever been
On to where the largest coral grows
Things about the ocean that we want to know

Head down south where the water is much cooler
Take a walk with a penguin 'cause they can't fly
Travel up to the Sargasso Sea, the ocean's nursery made of gold algae
Baby tunas and turtles growing in the weeds

From Bermuda up to the Arctic Circle
See the polar bears leaping from floe to floe

Through the Northwest Passage tide
We'll let belugas be our guide
Soon we're gonna be back home
With a new appreciation for the ocean that we want to know!

Vibrant murals of coral reefs
Joyful creatures embracing the living sea
Humpback whales hum soothing symphonies
Dreaming of the ocean that we want to know

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