Wednesday, October 21, 2015


October is National Bullying prevention month in USA and today is Unity Day against Bullying. Do you know what bullying is?

Bullying is when one kid or a group of kids hurts or harms another kid.  It can be physical, like a punch or a push or emotional, like being teased or called names.

There's an interesting film I want you to watch: FOR THE BIRDS.


After watching the video, what do you think? Has it got a message? Is there a moral to the story?

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Click  below to read the plot of the film "By the birds"

Plot: One by one a flock of small birds perch on a telephone wire. Sitting close together has problems enough, and then along comes a big bird that tries to join them. The birds of a feather make fun of him—and their clique mentality proves embarassing in the end.

Bully's the first bird to land on the wire. Then come Chipper, Snob, and Neurotic. You get a sense of their personalities until the rest of the flock arrives and they become one.
The big bird doesn't know he's being made fun of but gets the last laugh just the same.

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