London is a big city in the southeast of England, on the River Thames. It is the capital of England and the United Kingdom. 7.5 million people live in London. London is the biggest city in the United Kingdom and in Europe.

London was started by the Romans in 43 AD and called Londinium which was later shortened to London.

A sightseeing tour

Learn the important sites and places in London. Click here

 Let's visit London. Look at these places and choose the correct name. Click on the image to play

Do this Matching game. Click here

Typical English. Match the words and the pictures. Click here

The Museum of London 

Try one of the games clicking on the Museum of london logo. You can create a costume, a building or a vehicle...
Have fun!

Try this game to create a character and dress him or her with real clothes from the 20th century

Can you identify these places?. Click here to play 

8 great things to do in London


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