Friday, May 7, 2010


Gran Vía is a shopping street located in central Madrid. It leads from Calle de Alcalá, close to Plaza de Cibeles, to Plaza de España.

The lively street is one of the city's most important shopping areas, with a large number of hotels and large movie theaters; it is also noted for the grand architecture prevalent among many of its buildings. Now, most of the theaters are being replaced by shopping malls.
It is considered a showcase of early 20th century architecture, with patterns ranging from Vienna Secession style, Plateresque, Neo-Mudéjar, Art Deco and others.

Look at the photo. Do you know the name of the robot?

Open the comments below to know it.


  1. Mazinger Z (マジンガーZ, Majingā Zetto), known as Tranzor Z in United States, is a Super Robot manga and anime series created by Go Nagai in 1972.

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